Precision Artistry LLC, owned by Tira Mitchell, will be making and selling the new PulseGraver® invented by Christian DeCamillis.  This new all-electric engraving system does not need an air compressor and will be sold on

The PulseGraver® is an electric hand engraving and stone setting system that frees people from the burden of compressed air.  Basic components of the system include a hand piece, base unit and a foot pedal.  The system’s patent-pending technology gives artists the benefits of pneumatic systems currently on the market in a light, quiet, small footprint.  Benefits include:

  • Single-strike precision control with consistent power as speed increases
  • Four modes of operation based on how the foot pedal works with the hand piece
    • Speed – the most intuitive way to set stones or engrave
    • Power – easy feathering and precision hammering
    • Bright Cutting – optimized to cut and burnish impressive bright cuts
    • Burst – groups of programmed strikes for consistent beading, milgrain and other artistic effects
  • The base unit can save favorite settings at the push of a button for given tasks.

Perfect for anyone who doesn't want the noise, bulk, or hassle of an air compressor.

PulseGraver™ with Hand Piece
PulseGraver™ with a Hand Piece

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