PulseGraver® Price and Availability

PulseGraver™ Price is $2,250
The new PulseGraver™ hand engraving and stone setting system

The PulseGraver® is a patent-pending airless graver for jewelers, stone setters and hand engravers.  Brand new to the market, this is an electric engraving system that does not need an air compressor.  The PulseGraver® is quiet, powerful and precise.  So versatile, the PulseGraver® will become The Heart of Your Bench™

Whether you are engraving stainless steel or setting diamonds in platinum, this power-assisted engraving tool delivers on promises made by other pneumatic tool systems without the added expense and hassle of air compressors.

  • Set stones with single-strike precision
  • Create flowing bright cuts in gold, silver, platinum, titanium and steel
  • Inlay precious metals
  • Pave set stones with clean, well-formed and consistent beads
  • Bezel set stones with variable power hammering
  • Create milgrain patterns, dot-punch backgrounds, consistent stippling over large areas and a wide variety of artistic effects

The PulseGraver® can use all of the standard high speed steel and carbide gravers for power assisted systems on the market. (Check out gravers at Engraver.com) It comes with the base unit, foot pedal, hand piece and five tool collets.

Deliveries are underway.

PulseGraver® Price: $2,250

Pre-Order Discounts are available.  Based on the success of prior pre-order programs, delivery for orders placed now are about six weeks out.

Save by paying $1,950 now and get your place in line

All pre-paid orders will get free domestic shipping in the United States.  No international orders.

Why we are taking pre-orders months out for discount prices.  We are asking for pre-orders to help us figure out how many systems to build.  The discount is because we know there are people who want to get a system as quickly as possible, but are willing to wait if given a good deal.  Our practice is to deliver machines in the order in which people pay in full for them.

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